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95th Entry Halton Apprentices

Newsletter Number 22                    November 2014

Reunion 2015

The First & most previous (which makes it the last)(work that one out!) informal gathering in April 2014 at The Bell in Aston Clinton (details as previous) was seen as a successful one although only attended by 25 people (13 old boys, 10 partners) together with Janet Carlton (sister of Roland “Duke” Bath) and her little boy, son Roland, who turned out to be 6′ 3″ with muscles everywhere. It’s as well that we’re a friendly bunch! So-much-so that it has been decided to return to the Bell for 2015.

We have made a booking for the return visit on:

Saturday 16th May 2015

7.30 for 8.00pm

this time favouring the date of Attestation rather than Graduation, for a change, in the hope of attracting better weather.

We have been advised that 30 is the maximum number for catering as a group so mark your social calendars and give us your commitment soonest (having said that I’m sure extra numbers could be accommodated with a bit of jiggery-pokery)(but then we only attracted 25 last time, so it would seem to be reasonable).

Style and format is expected to be the same as last time with everyone being responsible for their own bills etc. Details will be forwarded in due course.

Mike & Marian Storey have done a good job in organising this 2015 event despite being absorbed in searching for and executing a major house move at the same time (new details in due course).

As always, our widowed ladies are especially welcome to join us.

Regrettably, two more names have been added to our In Memoriam list.

In Memoriam

Colleagues and Friends who are known to have passed on.

Always in our thoughts and prayers.

Michael McColl YoungRoland BathKeith Burdass
Clive WilsonRod PritchardJerry Padgen
Colin PollardBob JuppMike Thatcher
Mike FranklingBob HorshamGlyn Bolderson
Chris HarrisMike ChambersSteve Urwin-Mann
Reg AppsJohn SwashMike Gay
Frank Firth  

Qualitas Non Quantitas