The 95th Entry of RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices 1960-63



January 2000

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Please see the announcement about the

MAY 2000 reunion

Hark! What light through yonder window breaks?

Shakespeare must have had us in mind when he penned those immortal words. I believe he must have predicted the light of brilliance shining through the west wall of St. George's Church at RAF Halton.

The memorial window to the 95th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices is a fitting tribute to the men whose motto was, and still is, Qualitas Non Quantitas.

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Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that your donations amounted to the staggering sum of 1,125, which allowed for our window to be installed in St. George's Church in September 1998.

The actual cost of installation was only 630 so the committee has decided to use the surplus to place an additional window in the topmost section of the west wall. This is not a full frame but it will allow the 95th memorial to occupy the very pinnacle in the whole wall - where we naturally deserve to be.

The RAFHAAA Council launched a major frontal attack against our window in late April 1999. We were told that it was going to be removed from its location in favour of another depicting Lord Trenchard, despite any argument we offered. At no stage were we consulted. This resulted in yours truly writing a very strong letter of protest, copied to various dignitaries including the RAFHAAA Patron.

To cut a long story short they decided to abort their plans and leave our window alone but they invited me to "consider my continued membership of the Association". I will tell you the outcome when we meet at the reunion in May.

Bill Thornley and I attended the 80th anniversary celebrations at Halton on 26th June and we can confirm that our window remains in its prominent position - with that depicting Lord Trenchard immediately below it. A victory certainly, but at a price! I imagine that my standing with the RAFHAAA is now somewhat depleted.

We met up with the stalwarts of such events, Dave Kennett & Rob Johnson. Rob has put an advertisement on CEEFAX in order to try to find colleagues who are still missing. Well done, Rob.


Returning home on Sunday 27th June, I detoured a little to visit Newark Air Museum to check up on our chopper. It's still there, in the hanger protected from the elements, with its rotor blades folded in retirement - pretty much like more and more of us. Tempus Fugit!


13th - 14th May 2000

40 years from our attestation on 17th May 1960 a reunion has been arranged for the weekend of 13/14th May 2000. The primary purpose of this event will be the service of dedication for the memorial window at St. George's Church, RAF Halton on Sunday 14th. On Saturday 12th May there will be an evening meal at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Tring. There is no charge for the service of dedication but the cost of the meal on Saturday will be approximately 20:00 per head. Please use the attached pro-forma to confirm your attendance and return it to either Bill Thornley or myself with your payment.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is available at the hotel for 50 single or 80 double.

(A reduction will be made for a 2-night stay.)

Alternative accommodation is available at the "Crows Nest" Travel Lodge Motel for 40 per double room. Breakfast at the adjoining "Beefeater Pub" is 5:75.

Please book directly with the hotels.

  • Crows Nest                01442 - 824819

  • Rose and Crown       01442 - 824071

Details of other places to stay can also be obtained from Wendover Tourist Information Centre.

If you are only coming to the service on Sunday please let us know so that we can send you an itinerary.

April 2003

This is the next biggie - 40 years from Graduation. Watch this spot! It seems that Halton is the preferred area so we are basing our enquiries around there. It will take a similar format as for 1993 at the Spread Eagle, Thame and/or 1998 at Leeds. A full weekend is anticipated with possibly some entertainment laid on (which will inevitably push up the price). More details when they are available. Start saving your pennies now!


The last Newsletter had a request for proposals for a new entry badge, since no one can recall the original. (The only detail I remember is our motto). To date, we have three designs - and two of those are mine!

Come on, chaps; switch on the grey matter and start sketching - we have the technology available to make a reasonable facsimile by computer.


Those that responded to the first newsletter are all in favour of forming an association.

Does anyone know what is involved and can anybody give us some advice? This will be an agenda item at 2003 reunion. It will also be necessary to elect some principals to run it. Any volunteers?

To date we have had nearly 800 visitors to our site but, unfortunately, only a few have signed the visitor's book. When you visit, please sign the book.


I am very pleased to announce that we now have an "Overseas Members" secretary in the form of Tony Dapre. Tony can be contacted at:

11, Yanco Close,  

French's Forrest,  

2086 NSW,


Tel:      0061294524253

Fax:    0061294523083

Those of you who qualify will have received this newsletter from him, cheers mate.


An Entry Data list can be supplied on request. A4 SAE please. There will be some available at the 2000 reunion.

I ask everyone to contact their friends who have not yet responded to coerce them into doing so. Otherwise, we are in danger of losing contact.

We are still hoping to find the friends who are missing, Hopefully the web site and CEEFAX might achieve this.

 Qualitas non Quantitas.

Alf Banyard


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