The 95th Entry of RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices 1960-63



Number 8 June 2004

We, the "Committee" (how I dislike that word - it just doesn't fit) have always taken great pleasure in arranging and attending our re-union parties amongst the truest friends I know.

To know that you have also enjoyed these events makes all the planning thoroughly worthwhile.

Your kind, complimentary comments, reproduced inside without any embellishment, apply to everyone on the "Committee" (that word again!) and are the icing on a very delicious cake.

They are very highly appreciated.

Nuff said!


Hi Alf, 

I'd just like to say a big "THANKS" for you and your committee's hard work and for all the fun and chat at Thame. Lovely to see folk again, even though us sparkies and instrument fellas were so badly represented. I'll skin 'em if I can contact them. Thanks a lot though. It really was appreciated. All the best, Roger (Smudge) Smith

Dear Alf, 

A line to thank you so much for a very enjoyable time at the weekend. We know that these things do not just happen but take an enormous amount of organisation. It is attention to detail that make them a success or otherwise and this was certainly some great success.

It was great to meet so many old faces (in the kindest sense of the word) and to catch up on what everyone was doing some forty years down the line. We were amazed at the diversity of careers that everyone had followed. We were only sorry that we were unable to stay on for the Sunday events but perhaps next time.

We thought the hotel was an excellent choice and the meal and service first class. We liked what we saw of Thame and would be tempted to revisit. We are certainly interested in another reunion in five years time.

Please pass on our thanks to the Committee who helped you on this occasion. Once again, our grateful thanks for a superb weekend.

Roger and Beryl Sheppard

Dear Alf,

 A thousand thanks for all your efforts leading up to last weekend. It was a great reunion - good to see new old faces yet again. I think I'm right in saying that you've turned up someone new at each event? Anyway, thanks again for all that you and the committee do on our behalf - it is greatly appreciated.

On a different note, when I got home and looked at my hotel bill (which I paid without reading!), I discovered that the deposit which I had paid when I booked the room had not been credited to my account. I called them today and got my deposit refunded without fuss but I thought I'd mention it in case I wasn't the only one that it had happened to - check your bill. Thanks again & best regards Johnny & Una Johnson

Hi one and all, great weekend, best regards to you all. Geoff Cummins


Just a quick note of thanks to you and the committee for all the hard work that you put into the weekend, Carol and I had a great time. Looking forwards to the next time. Best regards, Steve and Carol (Urwin-Mann) (in downtown Hollywood) Alf, Sandra and I would both like to congratulate and thank you and the committee for organising such a splendid weekend. As always the company was excellent as was the food, drink, venue and events! We both look forward to the next one, in five years time? Best wishes Sandra & Grahame Catherall

Dear and Splendid Alf,

 I don't doubt you'll be heaped with congratulations and sincere thanks from all those who attended, so I'll keep it short - Outstanding! Best wishes, Peter (Martin)

Good evening Alf, Hope you arrived home safely. What can we say, what a wonderful weekend, thank you so much. Please also pass on our thanks to the rest of the Committee. Look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future. Once again thank you for all your hard work.

Liz and Errol (Macbean)

Hi All,

To those who could make it to the reunion, thanks for making it such a successful event. Pam and I REALLY enjoyed ourselves on both Saturday and Sunday. PS. For the room and for the wine during the dinner, my bill on clearing from the hotel came to the spooky total of - Wait for it!!

95.95 - Well I thought it was odd anyway. Best regards to you all Dusty & Pam (Miller)


Marlene and I had such a super time with you all in UK - it is such a pity it was so short - to try and catch up with all the chaps and their partners during the evening was not possible and all had interesting times to talk of. You and the committee did wonders in setting up this 40th bash and we cannot thank you enough - folks, you did yourselves proud!!!

Peter & Marlene Micklewood

RAFHAAA 8TH Triennial Reunion

Saturday 25th September 2004 is the date for this Triennial. Event. It's for members only and if you are a member, you'll know about it already.

Non members may join on the day but this is time consuming, so its best to join before-hand if you are going to attend. The costs foe reunion is 14.00 per head. Full details from:

The Secretary, RAFHAAA, RAF Halton, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP22 5PG

Next 95th Re-Union Function (and the one after)

We shall be having a meeting soon to discuss the next gathering - and the one (or two) after that.

I have received a suggestion that a good venue for our 50th anniversary should be somewhere special, aka AUSTRALIA.

Its taken several weeks turning round and round in my head but I must admit that I, personally, quite like the idea. We will naturally discuss this idea in depth at the meeting and get back to you on it,

It can't be that difficult to organise but it will require some commitment from yourselves - and we have time enough to plot and plan.

However, it will naturally depend on YOU. Please think about it and please do let know your views.


On behalf of the Volunteer Committee,

Qualitas non Quantitas

Alf Banyard.

105, Stone Hill Drive, BLACKBURN, Lancs. BB1 5TS 

Tel: 01254 692697 Email: 

P.S. Please note I no longer have a fax No. and also my email address has changed



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