The 95th Entry of RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices
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On the 17th May 1960 120 young men aged between 15 and 17 arrived by various means at RAF Halton, the No.1 School of Technical Training for the Royal Air Force.

The 95th Entry of RAF Halton Apprentices, including two members of The Royal Rhodesian Air Force, had been formed.


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The "Ninety Fifth" was one of the smaller intakes of Halton apprentices. However, their lack of numbers didn't effect their enthusiasm, talent or achievement. Appropriately, the 95th Entry motto is Qualitas Non Quantitas - (Quality not Quantity). 

Three years later on the 10th April 1963 the 115 graduates who had successfully completed their training said farewell to Halton and were dispersed around the world to further their careers.

To date over 100 previous members of the Entry have been located.
However 23 are still missing, or have gone missing again and their colleagues are anxious to renew old friendships rolex replica.


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