Service, Civie Street and Family

Come on guys lets see what you have been up to.

Chris Harris and John Yates – 120 Sqn.
No doubt specially in their honour two months after graduation. (photo John Yates)
Akrotiri 1972 – Ex-Apprentices had their photos taken.
Suspect the Halton Association were behind it. I was straight off night shift. (photo Dusty)
The Millers with Pam’s Parents
Nick, Dusty, Pam, Matt with Jenny seated.(photo Dusty)
A recent photo of our “Alf” Patrick Banyard (photo Alf Banyard);
A recent photo of Bill Widdison in South Africa. (Kind of (kinder?) out of focus.) (photo Bill Widdison);
Roy Scott Retires! A Momento from the farewell dinner to Roy who lasted the pace longer than most of us.
Congratulations Roy on 33 years service. (Momento Roy Scott);
There is still life in the old dog yet
John Yates with dog seated to attention. (photo Anne Hartley)
Tallest on the right, shortest on the left, SIZE! The other left you silly persons
Tony & Denise Dapre with John and Frances Yates. (photo Anne Hartley)
Glyn Bolderson – Crew Chief 57 Sqn
(photo Robbie Honnor (96th))
A Gaggle of 57 Sqn Crew Chiefs
Robbie Honnor (96th), Colin Murden (100th?), Bill Joyce (99th), Glyn Bolderson. (photo Robbie Honnor)
John and Frances Yates 40th Wedding Aniversary
Renewal of Wedding Vows at RAF Kinloss Performed by Bishop to the Armed Forces, Bishop Tom Burns.  Congratulations from the 95th.  (Phew! and we thought the LS&GC medal for 17 years undetected crime was an achievement.)